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Winter Solstice

By honouring our personal stories we come to know who we truly are.

A paradox in the realm of duality.

By becoming a witness of who we are not, the traumas and protections and defences that develop as survival, we are able to have compassion and understanding for our journey. This creates an incredible freedom to release what has gradually hidden the jewel buried in the sand. Releasing identification with what we have long believed to be us, naturally brings us closer to our true nature. We are able to rest in our true Self, the peaceful silence of essence, and allow all that no longer supports us to fall away. This has been the blessing of Fall.

As we approach Winter Solstice, may we plant seeds of intention to journey inward through the darkness of winter, shadows and fear, so that come spring we may re-emerge as seedlings rising towards the blossoming and full expression of who we have always meant to Be.


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