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Solstice Shift

As we welcome this sacred winter solstice we receive the profound shift that has been coming to align us with our heart’s calling. We plant the seeds for our deepest intentions of Truth and Love because we know we are ready. We know the planet is ready.

This doesn’t mean all today.

This is a time to pause.

It is a time to dive into the watery depths of our being. To harness this blessing to turn inward and transform all that no longer resonates. To embrace the shadows. To hold and honour the fears and resistances that are not to be dismissed.

There is no duality.

We cannot move forward and step into this new alignment from a place of inner fragmentation. We must root down strong with our trees that have been stripped down to bare elemental bone, receive the wisdom of Mother Earth’s deepest waters to cleanse our bodies and minds and create a cohesiveness that will guide us along the rivers of our soul into our heart, to where we are inevitably headed.

From our nurturance and our compassion these seeds will sprout in the Spring. Our buds will blossom from and within the all-encompassing light and we will know where we are called to.

With love and prayers,

May we remember we are and have always been exactly where we are meant to be ✨


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