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It feels very important not to judge how others are navigating this time. This starts with ourselves: holding the scared, ashamed and confused parts of ourselves with compassion and unconditional love. That way we will be able to witness and recognize this in others without placing conditions on what, in the realm of the mind, appears to be unlovable.

Toxic masculinity (which resides in both men and women), shadow energy, the place of un-love, is compacted and perpetuated by shame. Stemming from feeling unwanted and unworthy, it becomes a virus grasping for sustenance and infecting every thing and every being in its path.

This is what is being excavated by the cosmos Now and we have a choice:

1. stay in the realm of the ego-mind, where shame and blame reside as food for the shadow, and fight the never-ending battle (both inside our own beings and as projections in the world) or 2. discover the compassionate witness that is our true nature and act from this place of love to radiate balance and healing.

The cycle of violence will never end if we stay where we have been: we shame the perpetrators and build a platform of righteousness upon victim-hood. This is seen in the criminal justice system and we are seeing that this does not work. The shadow finds an outlet through acts of violence on its own physical body through disease and through acts of violence against other bodies as a reaction to what is unconsciously unbearable inside.

We are all both: the victim and the perpetrator. The perpetrator is not immune to the parasitic shadow but a vessel for its survival. Acts of violence are not part of our True Nature. They always come out of the same energy of learned violence, out of the ways in which every one of us has been mistreated and harmed. We are not different from one another. May we be teachers for one another, guiding each other into our hearts, guiding each other home.

The only antidote for this virus is love. We must heal the victims, we must heal the perpetrators, and we must open our minds and our hearts to Truth.


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