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Fall Equinox

The way in which we approach COVID-19 represents how we see ourselves and the world around us. It is showing us in a powerful way the emotional imprints and residues (samskaras) that drive our behaviour as a result of our individual life experiences, as well as social and cultural conditioning. The mind rationalizes reactions by telling us that of course there is much to fear and many ways that we must act to minimize the chances of our fears becoming our reality. All we need to do is look at the facts.

Yes, there are precautions we can and must take for the well being of all, a responsibility to ourselves, our loved ones and all beings.

There is also an opportunity here to practice and develop discernment.

To recognize when we become trapped in fear and ask ourselves, “is this about the current situation or is the mind substituting the coronavirus with unresolved traumas to reinforce learned patterns of fear based self-protection?”

With its revolving restrictions and potentially catastrophic consequences, the virus illuminates trauma in each of us. This is an immensely challenging time to be navigating and a beautiful opportunity to excavate and heal these deep wounds. When the coronavirus is a memory it will re-appear with a different mask and we will either have been strengthened by this moment or scattered by it.

As we enter this new season, Mother Earth blesses us with an opportunity to pause and invites us to give space to and honour the shifts that are occurring in her body and in ours. Autumn aligns with the Metal element, which offers us a metaphorical metal blade to cut through and eliminate confusion and chaos, to return to the purity of Being. We may look to her for guidance: to receive the wisdom of letting go what no longer serves us so that we can connect to this experience with our roots firmly planted in the ground and our mind in alignment with our heart. As the leaves of the trees are carried by the wind along with their impurities, may we allow our breath to release from our lungs the shame and grief that hold our authentic voice captive. May we return to balance, re-connect with our intuition and surrender to grace. 🍂🍁❤️


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